My First Step – Building Up a Blog

My online life started with finding the wide world of personal finance blogging and starting my first blog, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff (BFS).  Building up BFS was what brought advertisers knocking on my virtual door and gave me the credibility to become a staff writer.  I knew from reading all of my favorite blogs that building up your online name takes work and time.  I’ve never been very patient.

Here is how I accelerated Budgeting in the Fun Stuff’s growth spurt:

  1. I have posted daily since Day One.  People love new material and I enjoy writing it!
  2. I commented EVERYWHERE.  Real comments.  I love reading about personal finance and I love talking.  I easily commented on 20-30 different personal finance blogs a week for more than 6 months.  Then I got a bit busier and cut back to about 15 a week.  The two months I stopped commenting, I lost visitors.  I now comment on at least 5 different blogs a day and 10-15 different blogs a week.
  3. I joined the Yakezie blogging forums about 2 months after I started.  Joining a forum or blogging group is an excellent way to learn, teach, and to help grow each other’s blogs.
  4. I guest posted anywhere that would accept me at least 3-4 times a month.  I do mean anywhere.  I loved participating on big sites and beginning sites like my own.
  5. I started submitting to blog carnivals within weeks of starting up but I only got around to it about twice a month.  I have now hired Jesse Michelsen to submit me to 5 carnivals a week.  If he is too busy, please email me for more referrals.  It is the best money I probably spend and its affordable for someone who just was not following through like they should have been like me.
  6. I discovered search engine optimization (SEO).  That hyperlink will take you to my post about it at Crystal Clear Thoughts, one of my other blogs.  That bumped my search engine traffic from around 20% to 30% within a month and now it’s around 45%.
  7. I started other blogs.  I am not sure if that helped or not, but they give me an outlet for my non-personal finance thoughts and will be small income sources now that they have page ranks.

Within 4 months of starting, I had an Alexa ranking below 200,000, closed my first 6 month ad deal for $450, and scored my first staff writing gig at Sweating the Big Stuff.  These tips worked for me.  :-)

What other great beginning blog building tips did I miss?  What could you suggest to build a better blog as quickly as possible?

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