The First Week with a Partner

Last week was the first full week that my husband worked from home with me.  So far, so good.  I am really happy that he is a fast learner and so grateful to have help! 

Here are some tips I have picked up so far about working from home with your spouse:

  • Have separate working spaces or you may end up driving each other nuts.  We have separate offices and that seems to be working well.
  • Communication isn’t just good for a marriage, it is really important for the business too.  We make sure to tell each other what’s going on so we don’t miss anything big while we find our groove.
  • Lists help.  Mr. BFS has his daily task list and I have mine.  Things are added throughout the day as needed to both, but in the end, the lists are completed and we keep our sanity.
  • Start small.  Mr. BFS is learning the business from the ground up and it has meant that the more difficult tasks are easier to learn since he already learned the basics.
  • Take each other’s opinions seriously.  Just because Mr. BFS hasn’t been doing this for the last year with me doesn’t mean I should ignore his suggestions.  In fact, he has already stream-lined our record keeping so it is more accurate and faster.
  • Make sure each of you have reasonable expectations.  I got ticked off the other night because I was still working and Mr. BFS was out testing his prototype board game.  I never asked him for more help, so he had no idea why I was mad.
  • Have outside hobbies.  I do not want my marriage to ever suffer because we are spending every waking second together.  So I have friends to go out with and blogging like this to do and Mr. BFS has reffing, board gaming, and Curling.  We also have joint activities like poker night and bowling.

Have you ever worked with your spouse?  Could you share any tips?

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10 comments to The First Week with a Partner

  • I don’t have any tips, but I thank you for this post and I hope you’ll share more of both the goodpints and not-so-good as time goes by.

    My wife and I rean our own “brick and mortar” business form our home for several years, and I enjoyed it … I thought she did too.

    But now she work at a conventional office job (which actually pays pretty poorly), in preference to working on a site or two she has already built up and which has great future potential.

    Even though I’ve discussed with her that the income from her site(s) can easily equal or better her present conventional job, she still opts for the commuter grind.

    I think our stumbling block is the 24-7 togetherness aspect. She enjoys interacting with other people (much more than I do, actually). Some of your organized his/hers/ours activity ideas are maybe what is need.

  • Crystal – I’ve never worked with my spouse. Not sure we could do it. You’ve got a great list of ideas. I suggest you print it out and post it where you can see it – so it’s a good reminder when you start to get annoyed. And yes, communication is key – never, ever assume your hubby is aware of something or will be in synch with your ideas (I have a bad habit of falling into this trap!).

  • My wife and I work together through her photography business. I handle the back-end business processes and she does all of the creative work. It does to have separation of business tasks, and to always be on the same page regarding the goals of the business.

  • Crystal- Great tips on working together. I have never had the pleasure of working along side a husband. I would think you both have the same Goal!! Just always keep that in mind.

  • @Dave, I will definitely share. So far, so good. :-) I enjoy interacting with real people too, so I make sure to get out of the house 4-5 times a week no matter what to hang out with friends.

    @Ellen, we are getting better at this, lol.

    @MoneyforCollegePro, being on the same page with goals is so important.

    @Sheila, thanks, we will. :-)

  • I have worked with my husband in our business for over 8 years now. My mother is also part of the business. Yes we are still married and no one has killed anyone. To make things even more complicated, my mother also has the granny suite in our home. Now most people would say my husband is a saint, but believe me he gets the better end of the deal in many ways. We are lucky because we all bring a differnt skill set to the table and we try not to play in each other’s sandbox too much. We all have hobbies and friends outside of each other which keeps us rather sane. Years ago I implemented a rule that there was no shop talk outside of working hours unless it was a scheduled meeting. We are more than the business and not losing that is key to relationship survival. We do get under each other’s skin now and then, but regardless of our position or concern we know without a doubt that we all have the same end game in mind…success!

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  • [...] day job as a school librarian about 4 weeks ago and joined me at home.  I wrote a few tips about working with your spouse after our first week at home [...]

  • It’s actually great that you 2 can work together without killing each other.. for now (joke). I’m sure it can actually help you as long as you can separate business and personal (it’s gotta be hard, but possible!). Great insight in your life Crystal, thanks for taking the time to write it and give some good advice on making it works!

  • Beer. Its simply the only solution to working with your spouse. My husband and I work on a few projects together and the whole men are from mars and women are from venus totally makes sense! Sometimes I think he is speaking mandarin.

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