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Thank you for looking into becoming an affiliate for How I Make Money Blogging: The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Money-Making Blog!

Here are the most important points:

  • 50% commission from every sale.
  • Commissions are paid within the first week of each calendar month for the previous month’s earnings.
  • How I Make Money Blogging can truly help beginner bloggers grow their sites and make money, so you can feel comfortable knowing it is a solid product.
  • I run random contests and programs for my affiliates, so you will have opportunities to earn more than just the 50% commissions!

Please click here to sign up.  Thank you once again for the support!

Banner Ad

If you would like to use a banner ad with the image above when trying to earn your 50%, but are not very tech-savvy (like me), here are the steps I would suggest taking with a WordPress site so that you use your appropriate e-Junkie link:

1.  Download the small picture above to your desktop.
2.  Open a new post and insert picture.
3.  Click on picture and input your e-Junkie link as the URL (For example, my e-Junkie sales link is https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart&i=1118255&cl=132158&ejc=2  You will see yours within the code you will receive when you sign up as an affiliate)
4.  Use “How I Make Money Blogging” as the Title and Alt Text
5.  Click on the HTML tab to copy the code.
6.  Insert the code into a sidebar text widget that is sitewide.

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