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Crystal For Hire

Crystal for Hire Advertising Services

I have made more than $100,000 for my ad clients between April 2011 to October 2011. I started with my first client, Bucksome Boomer, in April 2011 and am now running the advertising for more than 100 other sites as well.

Each of these bloggers trusts me to run their ad emails for them so they get the best deals possible. I only get paid after they do.

My services handle advertising like sidebar ads and sponsored posts. I would not be useful with affiliate or product advertising. I seem to be the most helpful for anyone who doesn’t have time to deal with this part of blogging or those who would like access to a larger advertiser contact pool.

My biggest selling points:

1. Make More Money – My clients and I have built up a contact pool of more than 75 advertisers. Many of those enjoy one-stop shopping with our group.
2. Save Time – I will answer those emails for you. Yes, even the ones that you aren’t sure are for ads.
3. Don’t Short Change Yourself – Since I do have more than 100 client sites, I can keep an eye out on the going rates and haggle on your behalf.

I would love to help with your direct advertising too!


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