Hobby Jobs Can Help Fill in the Blanks

Hobby Jobs Can Help Fill in the Blanks

The longer Mr. BFS and I work from home, the more efficient we have become with our time.  Plus, Google hitting a bunch of my advertising contacts hurt the business a little.  My work weeks have gone from 80-100 hours a week before I had help to around 30-40 on average.  I am happy and sad at the same time.  I am using a few hours a week to volunteer with a hospice organization in the area, but that still leaves more than 30 hours a week that I am usually working…

Turning Time into Cash

Free time is awesome, but we are buying a new home in a few months.  And we decided that we would like some more money in the bank before laying out 20% down, closing costs, and basic moving expenses.  Or as Mr. BFS put it, “I like money.”  So we are looking for ways to make a little more money on the side.

Here are a few methods we are using right now:

  • I started commenting for hire (still have 25 spots left).
  • We are renting out our spare bedroom.
  • I am finally finishing up the “HIMMB” ebook I started more than a year ago.  Should be released in a couple of months. Woot!!!
  • Mr. BFS just jumped at a summer job working at a bowling alley.  He fixed bowling machines in college, so he’s returning to a fun side job.
  • I am Craigslisting anything we don’t use for the dual benefits – more money and we won’t have to move it in a few months.

Here are a few other things that I have been thinking about:

  • Petsitting again.  We were receiving $15-$25 a night per dog.
  • Babysitting again.  About two years ago, I was bringing in about $10 an hour to watch a couple of cute kids every Friday and Saturday night.
  • Side job in customer service.  Maybe a part-time job as a receptionist or working at the local Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt store.

If you wanted to sock away some cash quickly, what would you do?  What sort of hobby job would you like to do?


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